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- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 15th Annual IEP Conference Skill Building Sessions

Skill Building Day 1: What makes you memorable

Being Memorable = Opportunities!

Looking for work is a job that takes a lot of effort and time without ever knowing if your attempts are getting noticed. No more losing sleep worrying about your employment future. You can do this, and we will help you!

This session will address the following:
• What you’re doing right now and why it doesn't work
• What employers are saying about your resume and you
• 2018's top five skills employers are looking for
• Five best practices that cannot be ignored and will get you a call

Stop wasting time and let’s accomplish what you came here to do – let’s get to work!

Skill Building Presenter

Chanelle Linton
Youth Employment Coordinator

Chanelle is a Career Development Professional at PCPI for over twelve years, in progressive roles. In her current role as Youth Employment Program Coordinator, She designs and develops, employment related workshops and is one of the key soft-skills trainer and educator of employability skills. Chanelle also has over 10 years of managerial, administration and marketing experience.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Advertising, and she is certified in Personality Dimensions and Level B Psychological Instruments.

Skill Building Presenter

Sheryll Smith
Employment Marketing Consultant

Sheryll has 10 years in experience developing and facilitating Adult Learning using many methods including; face to face, online and blended approaches. She is an expert in HR solutions and has helped hundreds jobseekers fulfil their career goal while addressing employers’ hiring needs.

Her passion lies in helping people to reach their full potential by sharing her knowledge and by creating a supportive and empowering learning environment for her clients. Sheryll believes in a shared learning experience for both facilitator and learner.