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Information and Technology Sector Hub
March 22, 10:30am

Be Tomorrow Ready, Today!

The Information and Technology Sector Hub is designed to help you learn from Sector specialists, Generalists and Program Advisors how best to position yourself for employment success in Canada.

•Hear from employers who are passionate about their field and about helping immigrants find their path in IT
•Hear from program advisors about what is available to help prepare you for a successful job search
•Find out what you need to do to prepare yourself to be well represented in your Canadian job search with your international education and experience
•Learn and experience how powerful and useful networking is to a successful career

Information and Technology Sector Hub Facilitator

Maureen A. Ford
Program Manager, Talent Innovation
Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

Maureen Ford is Program Manager of the ICTC initiative that connects employers to newcomer ICT professionals who are employment-ready after completing ICTC’s bridge training program called the Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) Program. IWES is a workforce-solution bridge training program that prepares and assists internationally educated and experienced ICT professionals to secure employment and continue their career in Canada's Digital economy.

ICTC is a not-for-profit national centre of expertise for the digital economy. Through trusted research, innovative talent solutions, and practical policy advice, ICTC fosters industry economic development and consumer engagement in a global market. For more information visit www.ictc-ctic.ca

Ron Lokaisingh
Odyssey Services

Ron Lokaisingh is CEO of Odyssey Services, a Global messaging platform company. His experience as an entrepreneur, business leader and technical background has enabled him to launch and expand several technology businesses over the past 20 years: Digital Horizons, a SaaS digital delivery service; CyberKare Technologies, a Professional Services company; and Syncron Technologies, a software and hardware integration company.

Ron's passion for helping people realize and actualize their business dreams, has led him to coaching and mentoring, and to creating a new venture to help entrepreneurs and small business grow their companies, with solid strategy, planning and implementation, emphasizing Marketing and Sales, and how it all connects.

Chris Hamoen
Founder and CEO
Account HQ

Chris is currently the founder and CEO of Account HQ, where he is building the next generation of CRM. Previously, Chris previously was Director of Growth at Hubba, where he was part of a amazing team that grew from 10 employees to almost 80 in 2 years and raised a Series A and Series B round of financing.

Chris is also actively involved in mentoring and coaching new Canadians in the technology sector, as well as unemployed & underemployed university students. Recently, Chris has founded the Toronto Growth Peer Meetup group, where he is working with other rockstars to build a culture of growth in Toronto.

Kevin Kamal
Associate Director, Institutional Client Relations
World Education Service (WES)

Kevin has managed WES’ institutional client development and relations for the past 17 years. He works closely with all stakeholders in the international academic credential assessment and recognition community in Canada.

Prior to joining WES, Kevin worked in both the private and public sectors. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Master’s degrees in Social Sciences and International Relations from universities in the United States.

Monica Anne Brennan
Manager, International Professionals Bridging Programs - IT, HR and Business
York University

Monica Brennan is the Manager of the York University Bridging Programs Internationally Educated Professionals in IT, HR and Business. Before joining York University, Monica worked with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) as the Director of Mentoring.

She has over 25 years’ experience working in the non-profit sector, with immigrant communities and networking organizations in Canada and Ireland. She holds an Honours B.A. from McGill University, a M.A. from the National University of Ireland and a Certificate on European immigration, asylum law and policy from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Ted Maulucci, BASc, P.Eng, MBA
SmartONE Solutions Inc.

Ted Maulucci, became President of SmartONE Solutions Inc., a company committed to advancing the digital living experience in communities, after a 26 year career as the Chief Information Officer of a leading Toronto-based multi-family real estate developer. He has received several international and local awards for IT leadership, IT application development, smart buildings, and social contribution.

Some notable leadership and innovation awards are the “Top Ten Best in Class CIO’s in North America” by Computerworld, two “CIPA Gold Award of Excellence” for application development in the real estate industry. Ted is passionate about contributing to new Canadians in the ICT sector and to advancing innovation in smart and connected communities.

Pritam Shrestha, PMP
Project Coordinator, IT Infrastructure Bridging Program
Humber College

Pritam Shrestha is Project Coordinator at Humber College for the IT Infrastructure Bridging Program. The program provides technical training, job search training and employer connections to internationally trained and experienced IT professionals for starting and continuing their career in their field in Canada.

Prior to Humber College, Pritam used to be Program Manager for the engineering bridging program at the University of Toronto. He has been managing academic projects in post-secondary institutions for the last 10+ years, although he had his initial career in engineering. He finds it rewarding to be able to assist newcomer immigrants to secure jobs in their field.

Robert Tortian
Project Manager
Project Manager

As a Project Manager for ACCES Employment, Robert supports internationally trained Information Technology (IT) professionals to get the help they need to find jobs that match their skills and experience. He participates in developing and implementing bridge training that is designed to offer support to internationally trained IT professionals without duplicating what they have already learned.

Robert has been working at ACCES Employment for the past eight years supporting over 1,500 Information Technology job seekers in securing successful employment. This success is a result of working closely with businesses and industries in preparing job seekers to be career-ready and to contribute to a strong Ontario.