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Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.
- Margaret Thatcher

The 15th Annual IEP Conference's "The Straight Goods Panel"

Be Tomorrow Ready, Today: Maximize your opportunities with organizations who value your talent and skills, including as Entrepreneurs!

The ‘Straight Goods’ Segment Overview (45 minutes)

Four speakers ( representing corporate, not for profit, government, and entrepreneurial sectors) offer ‘straight goods’ advice from their lived experiences as an immigrant/IEP/Employer - navigating their own careers or supporting others in accessing the Canadian job market, with special emphasis on hiring, managing, and retaining culturally diverse talent.

Straight Goods Panel Moderator

Heather F. Turnbull
Founder – Lanaverde Inc., Turnbull Consulting Group

Heather Turnbull is a Toronto based meeting facilitator and career advancement consultant. She assists organizations in strategizing and implementing better ideas for success, over the long term.

In addition to her extensive volunteer activities in the performing arts and martial arts, she is a passionate advocate for IEPs and all vital contributors to Canada's social and economic wellbeing.

Straight Goods Panel Speakers

Clive Hall
Lane Furniture Inc. (Canada); and ANS Property Management Services

Clive Hall embodies the drive of an entrepreneur with the best of Canadian values: respect for all, nurturing communities and cultures, and paying it forward. From his early years as a Jamaican immigrant, Clive found his footing through the life-changing support of a schoolteacher who set him on a solid educational path. Coupled with ambition and sweat equity, he secured a pizza franchise before he was twenty, and built his formal knowledge in studying marketing (Humber College) and business (B. Economics, University of Guelph). Since then, he’s dabbled in the courier industry (VP at Fed-Ex as well as starting his own venture), property management (growing from administering one building to 14), and furniture production and distribution (supplying Carnival Cruise lines through a unique relationship with the Mennonites).

His career journey includes failures as well as successes – a combination which powerfully informs him as a pragmatic business leader, husband and father, and tireless mentor to job seekers, particularly youth, trying to successfully navigate the Canadian system.

Harmy Mendoza, B.A., M.A. (Immigration & Settlement Studies)
Executive Director
WomanACT (Woman Abuse Council of Toronto)

Harmy Mendoza is a recognized visionary and leader with 15+ years of experience in the Anti-Violence field including front-line, policy development and training. Her desire is to live in a violence-free world, where women and girls are offered equal opportunities to reach their full potential. For the past ten years, she has led WomanACT through a series of positive changes, including becoming a charitable organization and the envisioning, planning and creation of the WomanACT's “Soul of A Warrior” recognition awards, the first of its kind for front-line staff working in the Anti-Violence sector in Toronto.

Harmy thrives on developing provincial and citywide networks with professionals in diverse industries such as judicial, corrections, corporate and community-based organizations to address systemic gaps and ensure effective approaches to woman abuse issues.

Devasundari (Devi) Arasanayagam
Manager, Community & Labour Market
City of Toronto

Originally from Sri Lanka, Devi Arasanayagam works in Toronto’s Employment & Social Services Division where she focuses on Employer & Stakeholder Management. Through providing employment services, financial benefits and social supports the division aims to strengthen the social and economic well being of Torontonians in their communities.

In her management capacity, Devi oversees a number of workforce development initiatives including the work-based learning program known as the Job Incentive Program. In addition, she is a member of the Inter-Governmental Committee on Economic & Labour Force Development (ICE) as well as Tamils in Public Service. Devi is the co-founder and current co-chair of the Fort York Food Bank (FYFB), which for several years has been rated by Charity Intelligence as one of Canada's top 10 impact charities.