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- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 15th Annual IEP Conference Knowledge Pod Sessions Day 2

Knowledge Pod Day 2: Perfecting your elevator pitch

Master your “Elevator Pitch”
What - How – When – Why!
All about “Elevator Pitch” in _____ Seconds!

Knowledge Pod Presenter

Sukhjit Singh, CCS, CIRS, CEIS, MBA, B.SC.(COMP. ENGG.)
Career Strategist| Settlement & Integration | Community Development
Sukh For Change

Sukhjit Singh is an accomplished Career Development Professional and an avid volunteer. Being inspired by Volunteerism and becoming a passionate and proud Canadian; A strong supporter of social and civic inclusion for newcomers to Canada, he feels that volunteer work is not only a way to gain Canadian work experience, but it is the best way to participate in and learn about new country as well.

Sukhjit recently published his first book “Same Shoes, Different Doors”. This book is chronological stories of his journey of struggle and success as a new immigrant in Canada. Sukhjit lives in Mississauga, Ontario, with his wife and daughter; he is interested in sports and now a days he is learning karate.